Welcome to the landing page of our life!

We have set up this site to share our love of life. It is a space where we can share what life means to us with you… the viewer. We are two souls who have come to this space in time to share our love of life and what it means to us. Our goal here is to spread love and joy as we interact with the elements of this material world.

We do live in an amazing time. Modern technology has enabled us to be able to do more with less and reach out and connect with other humans from all across this globe. It has its drawback and disadvantages, however all of modernity has its flaws. What we want to be able to share here in this space is that through our use of modern technology (which we are learning about as we go along this path), are those beautiful moments that constitute our daily experience and the insights we gain along the way.

To live is a true gift, to really live is the epitome of this reality we find ourselves in. We are all about life, its up’s and downs. Because in the deepest low we can find the brightest star. Looking at the night sky on a moonless night in the desert will show you how bright the stars really are. And on the clearest day the sun shines so bright that it fills you with its benevolent energy that its impossible to not love this experience called life.

Life is never exactly how we percieved it to be, although it is perfect in its flaws and its beauty. That is where we want to take you the viewer of our content. If anything on this site resonates with you and you would like to use it, feel free to. Alternatively drop us a message and lets connect and share more of what it means to be here now.

We have great plans and ideas on what content we want to share and some great journeys coming up and some great journeys have been had. Effectively this will be showcasing us travelling not to distant far of destinations (although there will be some of that) more the daily travel through a life lived well. Well!! lived as well as we can muster at the time.

Our blog page will be where the majority of our stories will go and they will chronicle the events as they occur to us. The daily grind page is a pisstake on the daily grind of work and life. We have both done the daily grind through the debt/slave cycle that this reality calls economics, now that we have transitioned away from that life we want to capture the idiosynchronisities and abstract moments that we are led to believe to be the way things are meant to be.

Come share our journey through time and space, lets laugh together, cry together and embrace each moment in its entirety by fully immersing ourslves on this cosmic journey called life.

Much love and gratitude for taking the time to get this far!

Shell & Jonas